2017 Christmas Party

Ah the holidays! We feasted and partook of great friendship and excellent beverages to our hearts content. Fifty or so of our members
turned out for pork loin, roast beef and a veritable feast of sides traditional and some not so. Followed by simply have to indulge in a bakery’s delight in pies, cakes and other totally fattening, but oh so delicious treats.

This was followed by a gift exchange with a twist that allowed thievery of all sorts. Many were successful. This year the hotly contested item was a planter in the shape of an aircraft. Although 3 times exchanged Phil Vaneau, ticket number one, swooped in for the victorious steal; only to concede to Peggy’s pout and leave with a New Years bottle of bubbly. Gifts ranged from toilet spray (really?) to an inflatable snoopy, pictures, and tiny drones. In the end, everyone left clutching something they didn’t have before, and with full tummies and warm hearts.
Merry Christmas to all a safe and Happy New Year!