Past Events

Sport Air Workshop - Houston - December 1st and 2nd, 2018

Learn New Airplane Building Skills
Houston, TX   |   December 1-2, 2018
Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Now's your chance. If you've ever thought about building an airplane, now's the time to make it happen. Why? Because EAA's SportAir Workshops are coming to Houston, TX. More than 20,000 homebuilders have successfully learned new aircraft building skills through these hands-on, in-depth courses.

Workshops always fill fast, so you can't afford to wait. Secure your spot today.


Annual Chili Cookoff and EAA Chapter 35 fly-mart

Is it feeling a little CHILI outside?  It should!  It’s time for our annual honkin’, screamin’ membership chili cookoff!  Winner gets bragging rights for the next twelve months.  As in previous years, bribery in the form of (name your favorite beer) are not condoned and are not guaranteed to sway the vote.   But just in case, in addition to win, place and show, we give you the People’s Choice award.  That’s where you, the incorruptible, tell the judges what you REALLY think.  It’s a shouting contest so raise your hands and your voices and tell the world who the best chili cook is, bar none.

Young Eagles Event


Supporting the local Women in Aviation Alamo Chapter’s Girls in Aviation Day Camp, EAA Chapter 35 is holding a rally Sunday, October 21st, 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  We expect a phenomenal turn out, so volunteer pilots, static display aircraft, instructors and ground support personnel are desperately needed.  That’s you!  Contact Phil Vaneau today to volunteer.

EAA Chapter 35 Fly-in Breakfast

We had so much fun at the July Fly-in, we're going to do it again!  The turn-out for July's event was spectacular.  We saw 27 different aircraft.  Everyone enjoyed all-you-could-eat pancakes and bottomless cups of coffee.  There was orange juice and sausage on offer, and something we hadn't done before, a fruit medley to top it off.  In a word, it was incredible.  All this for $5.00.  This seems like a winning formula, so we'll do all that again.

Pancake Breakfast Fly-In - Saturday July 14th, 9:00 AM to Noon

There was a kind of magic in the air, Saturday, July 14th. Pancakes flipped, the coffee and orange juice flowed, sausages leapt off the griddle with glee, and 72 patrons enjoyed the biggest pancake breakfast fly-in that we’ve had in recent memory. At one point there were up to 27 aircraft lining the runway. We were awestruck. The Facility Team put forth an incredible effort to deliver this simple, yet satisfying meal. The Memorial Mike Logan Grinnin’ Griddle performed like a seasoned champ, and schooled a crew of new recruits on how to operate this amazing behemoth.

EAA 35 Young Eagles Rally - October 28th - San Geronimo Airpark

EAA Chapter 35 held a Young Eagles Rally for North West Bexar County, Eastern Medina County, South East Bandera County.  Location: San Geronimo Airpark, 15464 Culebra Road, Time: Saturday, October 28th.  Young aviation enthuisasts ages 8-17 were invited to experience their first flight, and 27 boys and girls did just that!  

Chapter members, thank you for your support!  We needed Pilots, Ground Instructors for Static displays, Ground Instruction Stations (Building Airplanes, Maintaining Airplanes, Etc.), Escorts, Marshelers, Registrars, Photographers and you were there!