Annual Chili Cookoff and EAA Chapter 35 fly-mart

Is it feeling a little CHILI outside?  It should!  It’s time for our annual honkin’, screamin’ membership chili cookoff!  Winner gets bragging rights for the next twelve months.  As in previous years, bribery in the form of (name your favorite beer) are not condoned and are not guaranteed to sway the vote.   But just in case, in addition to win, place and show, we give you the People’s Choice award.  That’s where you, the incorruptible, tell the judges what you REALLY think.  It’s a shouting contest so raise your hands and your voices and tell the world who the best chili cook is, bar none.  Speaking of judges, Freda Jones will be looking to empanel several intrepid chili ingesters to sample the amazing concoctions.  Only those with the strongest constitution need apply.  It came to our attention some of our judges left the meeting last year, never to return.  Rules?  We don’t bow down to International Chili Society (ICS) or Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) rules.  Common Sense applies.  Would YOU eat it?

So who's it gonna be this year?

In 2017, our judges convened and our members agreed, the honors for best chili in the chapter went to: Chuck Fisher – 1st Place, Doug Apsey – 2nd Place, Bryan Nelson – 3rd Place, and June Goode – People’s Choice.  That was great fun and great food.  Thanks to all nine contestants for bringing their best, and to our judges for facing their fears.  Thanks also to our members who brought their favorite cornbread recipe.  We could almost hold a competition on cornbread alone! 

Event Type: 
Event Date: 
Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 10:00 to 23:00
Event Location: 
15464 Hwy 471 W
San Antonio, TX 78253