President's Cockpit - November 2017

Is it feeling a little CHILI outside?  It should!  It’s time for our annual honkin’, screamin’ membership chili cookoff!  Winner gets bragging rights for the next twelve months.  As in previous years, bribery in the form of (name your favorite beer) are not condoned and are not guaranteed to sway the vote.   But just in case, in addition to win, place and show, we give you the People’s Choice award.  That’s where you, the incorruptible, tell the judges what you REALLY think.  It’s a shouting contest so raise your hands and your voices and tell the world who the best chili cook is, bar none.  Speaking of judges, Freda Jones will be looking to empanel several intrepid chili ingesters to sample the amazing concoctions.  Only those with the strongest constitution need apply.  It came to our attention some of our judges left the meeting last year, never to return.  Rules?  We don’t bow down to International Chili Society (ICS) or Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) rules.  Common Sense applies.  Would YOU eat it?

We had a great turn out for the Pancake Breakfast Fly-In.  Even with only three aircraft braving the low ceilings, we served 59 hungry patrons in record time.  Chapter 35 debuted a new secret weapon, the Memorial Mike Logan Grinnin’ Griddle, a monstrous four-foot diameter rotating propane/electric flapjack-fryin’ escapee from some government research lab.  Sporting dual burners and a massive ½ inch thick spinning aluminum grill surface, this griddle cranks out 30 perfect pancakes at a time.  We were blessed to have griddle master Suzanne Logan and daughter Irma here all the way from Austin to show us how to run this beast.  Mike built this griddle in 2011 for fly-ins at EAA Chapter 1099, Fredericksburg, Virginia, then moved to Heritage Airpark in 2015.  Suzanne donated the griddle from Mike’s estate so that we could continue this awesome tradition.

Fly Mart!  Oh, yeah, get that aircraft stuff out of your hangar and into your neighbor’s hangar where it belongs!  Suzanne Logan will return in November to help get some outstanding aircraft building tools and supplies out of the Logan hangar and into yours.  The chapter receives no proceeds and accepts no equipment or material donations during this event.  (Come on, even you don’t want it around anymore!)  However, if you have a great sale and feel like making a monetary contribution, it will always be humbly accepted and much appreciated.  Bring tables and a great attitude.  This is always a lot of fun.

Anthony Jaramillo, our youngest Air Academy student in recent memory, got off the plane from China and headed over to EAA Chapter 35 to brief us on his experiences at Oshkosh, and he knocked it out of the park.  His enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and poise in front of a very discerning audience won many, many accolades.  We're always happy to introduce young men and women to the possibility of a career in aviation.  We're not often blessed to reach out and help someone as committed as Anthony.  We also helped John Latour send his grandson Jacob, from Arkansas.  Jacob wrote a very nice letter thanking Chapter 35.  I’ll sum it up here with his closing sentence: “Thank you again for giving me this opportunity.”  As a member of Chapter 35, you played a crucial role in making this possible for both Anthony and Jacob.  Thank you!

Special EAA 35 Chapter Bylaws Meeting to coincide with November Meeting.  The Board of Directors is proposing changes to the EAA Chapter 35 Bylaws to correct typographical or grammatical errors, to account for the manner in which we wish to operate in the future, and to account for current and future innovations in electronic telepresence as well as store-and-forward technologies, so that we can implement them without requiring additional changes to the bylaws. This update was presented at the September meeting, sent via e-mail blast and the newsletter, and posted on the clubhouse bulletin board after the meeting.  We’ll be asking the membership to approve or reject these changes at the November meeting.

This is also our biennial election!  Your nominating committee met, canvassed key members and recommended a slate of committed (or at least committable) candidates for your consideration.  You have the option of electing the slate, unless another member is nominated. (and agrees to be nominated – key point, there) 

Phil Vaneau wants you!  We’re holding a Young Eagles Rally Saturday, October 28th, starting at 9:00 AM.  Phil needs pilots, ground personnel, and instructors.  This event is centered on introducing local girls and boys in North West Bexar County, Eastern Medina County, and South East Bandera County to the possibilities available in a career in aviation.  Location: San Geronimo Airpark, 15464 Culebra Road, Time: Saturday, October 28th, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Young aviation enthusiasts ages 8-17 are invited to experience their first flight!  Please note a parent or legal guardian must attend The new Chapter 35 web site is up!  Kyle Jester, Dave Baker and Jose Garcia are working to perfect our online experience at  We now have a members-only section with discussion forums on a variety of aviation related topics, as well as a member’s online gallery and build log.  We’re still working out the details, so don’t point your browser to  Leave off the www…that doesn’t work yet.

We’ve gotten some on-the-ground reports noting some success and some failure getting aircraft grade metals locally from:

Reliance Metalcenter

5027 Space Center

San Antonio TX, 78218

Phone: (210) 661-2301

This is not a paid endorsement.  In fact, the last visit was disappointing, but call them anyway.  If we show enough interest, this could turn into a solid local source for metal.

EAA Chapter 35 is vital, vibrant and growing, so your talents are needed!  With over 100 members, we have a vast trove of knowledge, experience and skill to share with one another and with our local community.  We also have long-standing volunteers who would like to pass the mantle of responsibility to the next generation.  Come find us at the next meeting, or wandering the hangars, drop an e-mail or pick up the phone.  Let us know where you would like to contribute to this outstanding chapter.

Until we meet again, fly safe and have fun doing it.