President's Cockpit - January 2018

In this episode, new developments in ADS-B, a recap of an outstanding Holiday Banquet, a visit by Lancair, movie night revisited, and an offer to help you keep your New Years resolution.  Read on!

Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast.  On January 1st, 2020 the mandate to equip our aircraft with ‘ADS-B Out’ will be fully realized.  In short, if you now require a transponder to operate in a class or region of the national airspace system, after December 31st, 2019 you’ll require a transponder and ADS-B Out to continue flight operations.  Several companies are bringing innovative solutions to market to make this relatively inexpensive and easy.  Uavionix, the makers of the Echo UAT and FlySky hardware recently presented by Charlie Brame, are now shipping a novel solution, the SkyBeacon. ( For $1499 it replaces your pilot-side navigation light and provides navigation lighting and ADS-B Out services.  Currently available for Experimental aircraft, look for a multi-aircraft supplemental type certificate in the near future.  Note that the Echo UAT provides ADS-B In and Out.  The SlyBeacon provides only ADS-B Out.

Holiday Banquet.  Fifty members and guests gathered to celebrate the season, enjoy a fine meal, and trade gifts in a spirited exchange.   Master Pilot and UFO Jim Humphries led us in an inspired invocation, then your Facility team and volunteers served a meal that took us to new heights.  It was phenomenal.  We tried something different this year in a bid to help our volunteer chefs recoup their costs and to get a better handle on what it truly takes to prepare such a fine meal.  It didn’t quite work as I’d hoped – I’ll have more information about that elsewhere in the newsletter.  We did learn something from this, and it’s a testament to the skillful shopping and expert preparation by Freda’s team:  When all was tallied, Freda Jones and her volunteers spent $479.15 to present a meal for fifty people.  That’s within 4.4% of the target price of $10.00 per person.  If our government could budget and execute like that…well, I need to stop dreaming now.  When it came to the white elephant gift exchange, many agreed that we did a fine job of streamlining the process with a simple set of rules.  So much so, that Dr. Chuck Fisher offered a glimpse of Christmas Future – a new set of White Elephant Rules of Engagement sure to spark lively debate, flying wrapping paper, and…well, I can’t wait. You won’t want to miss this!

A Visit by Lancair!  Vice President Darren Medlin is coordinating with Lancair to visit us at the January meeting to tell us about their new ownership, their new location in Uvalde Texas, and their new aircraft, the Mako.  If weather permits, they plan to fly in to San Geronimo to show off this outstanding new plane.

Movie Night.  Outside it was cold and drizzly.  Inside it was toasty and full of banter as twelve Chapter 35 members braved the elements to watch several aviation vignettes.  Ron O’Dea provided the movies, Darren Medlin and Lew Mason brought the popcorn, June Goode brought a vegetable tray and Freda Jones laid out cheese and crackers, cookies, grapes, tea and coffee for the guests.  Darren and his crack team of technologists solved the audio troubles from last month, and we all enjoyed one another’s company and some moving pictures.  Join us next month for another video adventure!  Winter schedule: The Friday following the general membership meeting, 6PM at the chapter clubhouse.  That will be January 19th.  See you there!

Get Involved.  It’s here.  That New Year is upon us.  We’re entering our 61st year as an outstanding chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association.  Now let’s keep that resolution!  This year, stand up and be counted.  Your talents are needed!  With over 100 members, we have a vast trove of knowledge, experience and skill to share with one another and with our local community.  We also have long-standing volunteers who would like to pass the mantle of responsibility to the next generation.  Come find us at the next meeting, or wandering the hangars, drop an e-mail or pick up the phone.  Let us know where you would like to contribute to this outstanding chapter.

Until we meet again, fly safe and have fun doing it.