President’s Cockpit - September 2017

In this edition: BasicMed success; a keen appreciation for doctors and AMEs; ADS-B out cheap? Accolades to our BBQ Pit Masters, and announcement of new hardware; a special-called meeting to present changes to the bylaws; a possible flyout event to Lancair, briefings from Anthony Jaramillo and Dave Hook; TWO Young Eagles events, a new EAA 35 web site and a new EAA chapter in Castroville. There's more, read on!

I am a BasicMed success story. I recently completed the exam and education requirements to exercise my Private Pilot privileges under the new FAA BasicMed medical certification program. My doctor, a former Air Force Flight Surgeon was familiar with aeromedical requirements and FAA-permitted medications so he brought years of experience with pilots to the exam room. He was appreciative of my preparation; along with the FAA BasicMed instructions and checklist, I brought a printed copy of the AOPA Fit-to-Fly Physician’s Guide, available here:

Takeaways from the BasicMed experience. This is not a pass on Class III medical requirements. It’s not like Sport Pilot, wherein if you can drive a car, you can fly a plane. Most importantly, any medical condition that you may subsequently develop that would disqualify you from exercising your Private Pilot privileges under your Class III medical will likely disqualify you under BasicMed. If such a condition develops, you’ll need to visit an AME for a one-time Class III Medical with Special Issuance for that condition. Thereafter, you can again qualify to fly under BasicMed. Stay healthy.

Hug your AME. Fellow member and Senior AME, R.B. ‘Doc’ Hecker prodded me to see my physician. When I finally did, we checked my records to find I hadn’t darkened their doorway in 15 years. We set about addressing some easily treated issues. The result? Doc Hecker likely added years of quality flying time to my life. Thank you, Doc!

ADS-B revisited. There’s a new player, uAvionix, and they’re shaking up the field with low cost, feature-packed, lightweight ADS-B in/out solutions. At the August meeting, Charlie Brame briefed us on his newly acquired EchoUAT and FlySky WAAS GPS package, a complete solution for experimental aircraft for only $1399. Look for a two-wire solution from uAvionix by the end of the year – an integrated dual channel receiver, UAT transmitter, built in blade antenna and a navigation light. Featuring wi-fi connection to a wide list of EFIS applications, this unit replaces the nav light on the pilot’s side. Cost to be determined, but expect it to run about as much as Charlie’s EchoUAT.

The brisket was awesome! Thanks again to the chefs, Freda Jones and Chuck Fisher for bringing on succulent brisket. I didn’t think it was possible, but they built on last year’s success and raised the bar. They are well on their way to becoming bona fide Pit Masters. This will become a staple at Chapter 35. Our facility manager called me in Boston to inform me the chapter now owns a four-level brisket smoker. \o/

Special EAA 35 Chapter Bylaws Meeting to coincide with September Meeting. The Board of Directors is proposing changes to the EAA Chapter 35 Bylaws to correct typographical or grammatical errors, to account for the manner in which we wish to operate in the future, and to account for current and future innovations in electronic telepresence as well as store-and-forward technologies, so that we can implement them without requiring additional changes to the bylaws. This update will be presented via e-mail blast, it will also be made available for review at the clubhouse during the meeting and will be posted on the bulletin board after the meeting. Following this presentation, members will have two months to consider the changes before voting to accept or reject the new bylaws at the annual membership meeting in November.

Also in September, Anthony Jaramillo, our youngest Air Academy student in recent history, having returned from Oshkosh will be presenting highlights from his experience before turning the mic over to Dave Hook for a briefing on UAS operations in the National Airspace System.

Lancair regrets a schedule conflict and poor communications led to their no show at last month’s meeting. Joshua Johnson , of Lancair, is working with Vice President Darren Medlin to schedule a fly-out event to the Lancair facility in Uvalde, Texas in the near future, possibly Saturday September 16th. More to follow!

Phil Vaneau wants you! The Women in Avation Alamo City Chapter is hosting a Girls in Aviation Day Camp at Stinson Airport, September 23rd. EAA Chapter 35 is holding a Young Eagles Rally in support of the event. Time: 0930-1500. Approximately 60-75 girls ages 8-17 will be attending the 3nd annual Girls in Aviation Day Camp. This event is centered on introducing local girls in the community to the possibilities available in a career in aviation. We need your help for this very special event. Please sign up early by sending Phil an email at If you know of any other area Pilots or Ground Volunteers, let them know about this worthwhile event.

Texas STOL Round-up Call for Volunteers. Jimmy Gist, the coordinator for the event, is looking for volunteers to assist parking airplanes. The location: Hondo Airport, the dates: September 29th through October 1st. Contact Jimmy at or call 512-755-2360.

Enjoy all-you-can-eat pancakes, bottomless cups of coffee, sausage, and orange juice at the October Pancake Breakfast Fly-In. Dust off your flying machine and bring it to the flight line for all to marvel. (Flying machines are cool!)

8T8 Young Eagles Event. We are planning an additional Young Eagles Rally at San Geronimo on Saturday, 4 November. The focus of this Rally will be on the communities near San Geronimo and on NW San Antonio. Phil Vaneau will distribute a Flyer for this event in a few weeks. The new Chapter 35 web site is about to go live. Kyle Jester in coordination with Dave Baker, is working to bring us a new online experience at It’s a work in progress, and it’s coming along nicely. We’ll soon have a members-only section with discussion forums on a variety of aviation related topics, and a member’s online gallery and build log. Did I mention it’s a work in progress? Do not point your browser to; that won’t work. Go to

There’s a new EAA Chapter nearby: Chapter 1608 in Castroville, President: Ken Andrews, 210-598-0339. Their meetings are listed as ‘Saturday 7:00PM’. I am not sure that they hold meetings EVERY Saturday, so you may want to call ahead to verify. Location: Castroville Airport Terminal Conference Room, 10500 Airport Rd, Castroville, TX 78009

EAA Chapter 35 is vital, vibrant and growing, so your talents are needed! With over 100 members, we have a vast trove of knowledge, experience and skill to share with one another and with our local community. We also have long-standing volunteers who would like to pass the mantle of responsibility to the next generation. Come find us at the next meeting, or wandering the hangars, drop an e-mail or pick up the phone. Let us know where you would like to contribute to this outstanding chapter.

An example: Chuck Fisher, our awesome Newsletter Editor and Pit Master, would like to get out more often with Peggy and the Navion. He would like your help as an associate editor to produce one of the finest newsletters in all of EAA. I’ve done it before. It’s fun! Let Chuck know you want to help. You can contact him at

Until we meet again, fly safe and have fun doing it.