President’s Cockpit October 2017

A shout out to David Hook for his presentation on drones, a call to members to review proposed changes to the Chapter Bylaws, an outstanding Young Eagles event, a presentation by Anthony Jaramillo at our upcoming pancake breakfast fly-in.  All this and more in this months 'President's Cockpit!'

Thanks to David Hook for an outstanding presentation on UAS operations in the National Airspace System.  David covered several interesting points about private and commercial drone operations.  The bottom line, they’re here to stay.  David has made it his mission to inform UAS and aircraft operators how to operate safely and responsibly in our shared airspace.

The Board of Directors presented proposed changes to the EAA Chapter 35 Bylaws.  You should have received a follow-up email with the changes.  Additionally, these proposed changes are posted on the bulletin board at the chapter clubhouse.  We’ll make a motion to accept the changes at the November annual membership meeting, November 11th, 2017.

The ad-hoc Nominating Committee presented their slate of recommended chapter officer candidates for the 2018-2019 term.  The slate should be available in this newsletter.

The facility team knocked it out of the park with a beef and chicken fajita meal that was simply delicious.  Speaking of food, EAA Chapter 1088 hosted a burger burn at Russ Luig’s Flying L Ranch (TE90).  Burgers, beans, potato salad, tea and lemonade.  The burgers were fine and the company was even finer.  Thanks to Chapter 1088 and Russ Luigs for opening his hangar for this outstanding fly-in.

While we’re on the topic of food, don’t miss the Pancake Breakfast Fly-in, Saturday October 14th at the Chapter 35 Clubhouse.  We’ll be serving pancakes starting and 9:00 AM and we’ll keep serving right up ‘til Noon.  That way, if weather is a factor, you can wait to push your plane out until the clouds lift.  Enjoy all-you-can-eat pancakes, bottomless cups of coffee, sausage, and orange juice.  Dust off your flying machine and bring it to the flight line for all to marvel.  (Flying machines are cool!)  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

And you’ll want to be there at 10:30, when Anthony Jaramillo, Air Academy Student and world traveler will present his briefing on his experiences at Oshkosh.  If there’s time after questions and answers, maybe he’ll tell us about his trip to China.

Be sure to stop by the Country Store and visit with Brian and June Goode.  The Goode’s have been hard at work developing products and merchandise to help you proudly display your EAA Chapter 35 logo and let the world know you’re a vital member of one of the greatest chapters in the Experimental Aircraft Association.  As soon as those coffee cups are available, I’m buying mine!

If you’re like me, you really like one of the features of the Ameri-King AK-450 series Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) – they run on readily available and inexpensive D-cell batteries.  If you have one of these, you’ll want to review FAA Airworthiness Directive 2017-16-01.  Seems the AK-450 and AK-451 have been experiencing higher than normal failure rates and the FAA wants to be sure yours is in working condition, or that you’ve replaced it with an acceptable substitute.

The Women in Aviation San Antonio, Stinson Airport, the City of San Antonio, Commemorative Air Force, Hallmark University, Pre-Flight, Take Flight, EAA Chapters 35 and 1608, and others.  What do these organizations have in common?  These groups met Saturday September 23rd to present a day of full immersion in aviation for over 85 young, impressionable young women attending the Girls in Aviation Day Camp.  Phil and Susan Vaneau led a team of over 20 pilots and volunteers to provide a Young Eagles flight experience to over 50 aspiring aviation enthusiasts.  In an interview with KABB Fox 29, young Bridget made her intentions clear.  When asked if she wanted to be a pilot, she was quick to answer, “I want to be an astronaut!”  At her age, I was not studying aircraft control and listening intently to how a wing produces lift.  I believe Bridget will be an astronaut.

Jimmy Gist of the Texas STOL Roundup is getting ready to host their event Friday, September 29th and Saturday September 30th at Hondo Airport.  He’s still looking for volunteers to park airplanes.  If you can help, contact Jimmy at (512) 755-2360 or by email

Dave and Marcia Mason are doing it again!  Join the Masons at Reklaw for the 32nd Annual Flying M Ranch Fly-In and Campout, and 24th Annual Cub Migration Oct. 27-29th, 2017.  For more information visit

8T8 Young Eagles Event.  We are planning an additional Young Eagles Rally at San Geronimo on Saturday, October 28th. (date change)  The focus of this Rally will be on the communities near San Geronimo and on NW San Antonio.  Phil Vaneau will distribute a Flyer for this event in a few weeks.

Until we meet again, fly safe and have fun doing it.