President’s Cockpit December 2017

In this month's President's Cockpit, we bid farewell to past president Chuck Imken, rain accolades upon our Chili Champions, invite you to join us for a great holiday meal, reflect on another awesome Fly Mart, note our updated bylaws and election results, and marvel at a new activity: Movie Night!  Read on!

Gone West – Chuck Imken.  Norma Staats, by way of Norris Warner regretfully informs us that past president, builder and aviation adventurer Chuck Imken has passed away.  Norris continues, “Chuck was the chapter president sometime in the late 80's, and even wrote and published the newsletter with no help.  At various fly-ins, he and Edna would be displaying his gorgeous RV-7.  A couple of years ago, he sent an article to our newsletter about a trip to Mexico, and the adventure of losing his electronic ignition…many of us old-timers remember him well.  He will be greatly missed.”

Chili Cookoff.  There was rippin’, there was snortin’.  No doubt about it, we had a rip-roaring, snorting good time.  Our judges convened and our members agreed, the honors for best chili in the chapter go to: Chuck Fisher – 1st Place, Doug Apsey – 2nd Place, Bryan Nelson – 3rd Place, and June Goode – People’s Choice.  That was great fun and great food.  Thanks to all nine contestants for bringing their best, and to our judges for facing their fears.  Thanks also to our members who brought their favorite cornbread recipe.  We could almost hold a competition on cornbread alone! 

Holiday Meal.  Join us for the Christmas Luncheon December 9th.  Your facilities staff is going to try something different. They’re going to take it up a notch.  Turkey and Ham are holiday favorites, but we’re sure you get ample opportunity to sample these at various social and family events throughout the season.  This year, we’re going to headline the menu with slow-roasted pork loin and center-cut eye of round roast.  The cost to set the table with this sumptuous meal will increase, but our meal price will not!  We’re going to do it again!  The holiday meal will cost only $10.00 per person.  (I wish our government were this efficient) How do we do it?  Volunteers.  The dedication of our volunteers is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  Throughout the year, your facility team and contributing members work hard to bring you home-cooked meals at prices no restaurant or caterer could match.  We owe a lot to our volunteers.  If you’d like to be one of them, contact Freda Jones by email or by phone (210) 570-9435.

Fly Mart.  It’s one of the highlights of the year, and it was busy this time!  Norris Warner and Suzanne Logan anchored the event with a broad selection of aircraft components, instruments, tools and supplies.  Kris Niswonger even jumped in to help.  I heard a lot of haggling and laughter.  Thanks everyone for taking time from your already busy Saturday to participate.  Freda learned a lot from last year’s Fly Mart.  As I made the rounds this time, I noticed I had no purchasing power.  She had lifted my wallet.

Bylaws. The membership approved the Bylaws amendments.  The most immediate impact will be greater flexibility in convening and conducting meetings of the Board of Directors.  We can expect greater participation, more responsive decision making, and much less friction in electronic board of directors meetings and motions.  By friction, I don’t mean ‘too close for missiles, I’m going to guns’.  I mean it has been a royal pain to raise motions, discuss and vote on measures via e-mail.  That should be behind us now.

Election.  You also elected a slate of officers to lead the chapter for the next two years, and for the first time in the history of the chapter, you’ve elected the same officers for a second term.   They are: President – Steve Jones, Vice President – Darren Medlin, Secretary – Mike Landis, and Treasurer – Dee Brame.

Movie Night.  Vice President Darren Medlin began what we hope will be a new tradition at the Chapter 35 clubhouse: Movie Night.  Fourteen members gathered Friday Night, November 17th to watch “Living in the Age of Airplanes”, from the producers of “Runway One Six Right”.  We experienced some teething pains with the audio, and we’ve worked them out so next movie night should be even better!

Get Involved.  A new year is almost upon us.  We’re entering our 61st year as an outstanding chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association.  It’s time to make a resolution.  This year, stand up and be counted.  Your talents are needed!  With over 100 members, we have a vast trove of knowledge, experience and skill to share with one another and with our local community.  We also have long-standing volunteers who would like to pass the mantle of responsibility to the next generation.  Come find us at the next meeting, or wandering the hangars, drop an e-mail or pick up the phone.  Let us know where you would like to contribute to this outstanding chapter.

Until we meet again, fly safe and have fun doing it.