Are You Our Next Country Store Manager?

Hi.  I'm Steve Jones, President EAA Chapter 35, San Antonio.  I'm reaching out to you today with a challenge and a request.  I'm calling on you to see if you will take a leadership role within your chapter as Manager of the Chapter's Country Store.

The Country Store ensures chapter members have access to merchandise including logo'd shirts and hats that help identify us as a cadre of committed aircraft builders, pilots and enthusiasts; members of a fraternity of like-minded individuals driven by a passion to fly.

Country Store sales support our mission to assist aircraft builders, provide a social space for us to meet, and reach out into the community and to our future generations to ensure we preserve the freedom to fly, experiment and advance the state of the art in aviation.

To do this, the Country Store Manager sets budget, identifies products, sources vendors, orders merchandise, controls inventory, makes sales and reports results to the Treasurer and Board of Directors.

It's a vital role within the chapter.  The outgoing managers, Brian and June Goode are ready to mentor you on the finer points of running a wildly successful store.

When can you start?

Call me at 210-570-9435 to discuss this crucial position or drop me an email at  I'm looking forward to hearing from you.