President's Cockpit - February 2018

In this installment: Board of Director's meeting and decisions, a new Master Pilot among us, kudos for another stellar meal, a very cool presentation on the CommuterCraft Innovator kit aircraft, a possible visit by Lancair, a new program at HQ to match wayward builds with enthusiastic chapters, support from the Dee Howard Foundation, and a call for volunteers! Read on! Director’s Meeting. Your Board of Directors met prior to the January meeting to review Treasurer Dee Brame’s outstanding work on the 2018 budget. The board reached several key decisions.

Holiday Meal Special Statement

Executive Summary: It's Steve's fault.  (it really is)  Read on!

When we started this journey, Darren Medlin and I were charged with infusing a little excitement into Chapter 35.  We were encouraged to try new things and shake things up a bit.  We experimented.  Some things worked, some things didn’t.  I did this again for the Holiday Banquet, encouraging your Facility Manager to:

President's Cockpit - November 2017

Is it feeling a little CHILI outside?  It should!  It’s time for our annual honkin’, screamin’ membership chili cookoff!  Winner gets bragging rights for the next twelve months.  As in previous years, bribery in the form of (name your favorite beer) are not condoned and are not guaranteed to sway the vote.   But just in case, in addition to win, place and show, we give you the People’s Choice award.  That’s where you, the incorruptible, tell the judges what you REALLY think.  It’s a shouting contest so raise your hands and your voices and tell the world who the best chili cook is, bar none.

President’s Cockpit - September 2017

In this edition: BasicMed success; a keen appreciation for doctors and AMEs; ADS-B out cheap? Accolades to our BBQ Pit Masters, and announcement of new hardware; a special-called meeting to present changes to the bylaws; a possible flyout event to Lancair, briefings from Anthony Jaramillo and Dave Hook; TWO Young Eagles events, a new EAA 35 web site and a new EAA chapter in Castroville. There's more, read on!