President's Cockpit - July 2017

Kudos to Phil and Susan Vaneau and their team of volunteers for making the Stinson Young Eagles Rally a great success.The date was pushed a week for weather, and the weather was dodgy with low ceilings for the rain date.In spite of these setbacks, the team pulled it together and flew 32 young ea-gles on the flight of a lifetime.On returning, one young man had serious questions about aviation careers and how he might pursue a scholarship.Two brothers marveled at the experience as one described the other taking the controls to fly an aircraft for the first time.We were blessed to have the support of fellow aviation en-thusiasts like Lena, from the San Antonio chapter of Women in Aviation.

A special thank you to all the members who participated in our annual member picnic. The runway was lined with aircraft for this event over a thousand feet of flying machines of every shape and size even a Rotorway helicopter. The event was well attended with 59 members and guests enjoying hamburgers, hotdogs, borra- cho beans, green beans, and outstanding desserts. The facilities team and volunteers went all out this time. The ice cream was pre- sented on dry ice, the cake was simply amazing. There were cobblers...did I mention dessert? Ron O’Dea reports that eight new members joined our ranks on Saturday during the picnic. Chapter 35 is a vibrant and growing chapter!

And we had some trailblazers. Roxanne Beavers recommended we try something new – arts and crafts to go along with the pic- nic. Mary Ann Schlattman led with her exquisite and eminently affordable bead jewelry. Lew Mason revealed his artistic flair with his aviation - inspired watercolor paintings. I think we have other artisans in Chapter 35, so I look forward to next year’s event.

Thank you also to Janet Paduh for her donation of a very capable riding lawnmower. If you liked the new mown grass on Saturday, we have Janet to thank for that.

Gary Stamper, from the San Antonio Flight District Standards Office, arrived early and briefed pilots in a circle under the oak tree. He apologized for the informal briefing and the timing, but did take a moment to praise Chapter 35 for our programs, having our heads in the game when it comes to safety and for our excep- tional relationship with the FSDO. He announced he’s retiring soon. I trust this means he’ll have more time to join us as a new member of Chapter 35. Gary left presentation materials with our FAAsTeam member and chapter safety representative, Ron O’Dea. We’re looking forward to reviewing some of this safety in- formation during upcoming meetings.

We’ve gotten a number of inquiries from parents and teachers, asking about EAA Chapter 35, and our educational outreach. Science and technology seem to be enjoying a rebirth in our local school districts. With new schools opening all over the city, and especially on the west side, I’ll be looking to chapter members to see who might want to present at local schools or help mentor young men and women as their explore a future in aviation.

Which brings me to two of our newest members, Joe and Linda Roberts. Joe and Linda are heading up a church outreach program to build a Van’s RV - 12 at the Hallmark Institute on San Antonio International. They’re looking for volunteers to help mentor these young adults as they lay hands on tools and build an RV - 12 stage by stage. If you’re interested in helping, let me or Ron O'Dea know. As new members their contact information may not yet ap- pear in the chapter membership directory, but they sure want to hear from you!

It’s an honor and a privilege to serve as President of EAA Chapter 35. If you enjoy giving back to your community, won’t you consider volunteering your time and talent? Chapter 35 is still seeking a leader to champion our nascent, self - organizing grounds mainte- nance crew. The local schools are looking for your talent, your skills and your knowledge as they present science, technology, engineering and math career possibilities to our next generation. Do you see a need that isn’t being met? Let me know! I really look forward to hearing from you.

Until we meet again, fly safe and have fun doing it. (remember...drones)