President's Cockpit - August 2017

Read about the 433d Airlift Wing, how ADS-B contributes to flight safety, and a note on our recent pancake breakfast. Our president invites you to help with next month's Brisket lunch, announces that Anthony Jaramillo has returned from Air Academy, thanks Kyle Jester for his donation, and remarks on a recent visit by Darren Medlin to Joe and Linda Roberts youth outreach program. More ->

Pilots, flight engineers, maintainers and staff of the 433d Airlift Wing recently rented our clubhouse for a send-off party for one of their own. We spent some time with the men and women of the 433d who step away from their civilian jobs to protect us as our nation’s minutemen. These citizen soldiers (airmen) fly a national treasure, the C-5 Galaxy, and put it all on the line for us. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

ADS-B; a potential life saver. We met Brad Lauderdale, owner of Lauderdale Aerial Spraying, LLC. He remarked that the technology he relies on to keep him safe has improved dramatically over the years, and he ranks ADS-B high on his list of go-to technologies. As he approached San Geronimo Air Park in an Air Tractor AT-502 crop duster, another pilot remarked he lost situational awareness (SA) and asked Brad for his position. Brad noted he had the other pilot’s position at all times via his iPhone, a Garmin GDL-39 ADS-B receiver, and ForeFlight. He explained that his entire fleet of crop dusters is now or soon will be equipped with ADS-B in and out.

Thanks to all the members who came out for our second pancake breakfast and fly-in for 2017. Again, the runway was lined with aircraft. We had no less than eight pilots and aircraft join us from around Texas. The event was well attended with 57 members and guests enjoying all-you-can-eat pancakes, bottomless cups of coffee, sausage, apple slices (these went really well with pancakes and syrup) and orange juice. Let’s do it again in October! I believe we can accommodate more planes.

Brisket. Our facility staff and volunteers are gearing up for a repeat of last year’s August meal, a good old fashioned South Texas brisket lunch. If you were here last year for this meal, I’ve said all I need. It was simply outstanding. Facility manager Freda Jones will be looking for your support to help cook four full briskets and prepare side dishes and condiments. She’s been studying recipes and techniques from the best, and she’s currently working with a certain C-5 pilot to track down the recipe and technique for one FINE brisket she recently sampled. Fly, drive, walk or crawl, but don’t miss this event.

Anthony Jaramillo, our youngest Air Academy student in recent history has returned from Oshkosh, and he has a story to tell. Anthony and his father travelled to EAA headquarters to attend the academy July 5-9, 2017 and came away with a great appreciation for aviation. We’re looking forward to his report soon. John Latour sent his nephew as well, with a little help from Chapter 35.

Thanks to Kyle Jester, we have a new magnetic board to hold our name badges. Freda Jones should be soliciting your help to move the current name badge pocket board up, and to mount the new magnetic board directly underneath. If you’re handy at anchoring things to concrete, you might have just the talent she’s looking for. Drop Freda a note at

Vice President Darren Medlin recently joined Joe and Linda Roberts at the Hallmark Institute on San Antonio International. You may recall Joe and Linda are looking for volunteers to help mentor young adults as they lay hands on tools to build an RV-12 stage by stage. If you’re interested in helping, contact Joe Roberts at 210-317-5462, or at Also, visit their Facebook page at

We’ve been backing away from holding business meetings month after month, and no one’s complaining! I do want to complement our board, chairpersons, and elected administration for managing an outstanding budget. At the six-month mark, revenue is ahead of expenses by about $800.00. We have some major bills ahead so that buffer puts us just about where we projected we would be. For those with a budget line item, thank you for controlling costs. Special thanks to Treasurer Dee Brame for all the analysis and for keeping us honest. (…there will be a business meeting in August. Look, Squirrel!)

EAA Chapter 35 is vital, vibrant and growing. This means we have a growing need for your talent, and expanding opportunities for you to get involved. If you enjoy giving back to your community, won’t you consider volunteering your time and talent? Chapter 35 is still seeking a leader to champion our nascent, self-organizing grounds maintenance crew. The local schools are looking for your talent, your skills and your knowledge as they present science, technology, engineering and math career possibilities to our next generation. Summer break is almost at an end.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. As we commemorate our sixtieth year as a chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, take a moment to reflect on the selfless service of the men and women who built this organization – sometimes literally brick by brick. I mentioned a debt of gratitude earlier. We owe it to our members, leaders and volunteers past and present to take this chapter to the next level. I hope you’ll take us there.

Until we meet again, fly safe and have fun doing it. (and join us for an outstanding presentation on…drones)